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October 1, 2006
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distinto by 7grims distinto by 7grims
This is one of the corporate images Iím suggesting for my ex-co-worker, he is opening a design company, and hopefully I may possibly be one of the future associates of his company.

The translation of the company name: Distinct
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cberry240 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006
I agree with all ElenaSham comments about spacing from the edges, gradient and "design solutions" being wider than the name (also it's not aligned on the left). Now I have a few of my own...

Why the water drop? What's it saying about the company? Why brown? For a company that is named distinct the design is rather bland. (Not to sound too harsh). The design could really use more personality including the type. Think about your layouts and how the pieces interact.

Envelope: The logo is too small and the contact info is placed oddly. All you need is the address not the phone, email, or name. Enlarge and fade looks like a mistake

Business card: The front is ok I personally think you landscape it. As for the back what is all that copy? It's not necessary. Here you should have name, title, email, address, phone and website. In that order (you can leave out one or more of those).

Letterhead: Again think about the layout. The logo is too small, lose the name, try and bring the contact info and the logo near each other. Maybe some sort of containing device or something.

Just some suggestions.
7grims Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
First of all thanks for the great comment :D love this haha

Well the drop is more of an ink drop, and design lives on printings (colour drops ) =P
brown... well I was just tired of the colours that my partner was suggesting me so I just start trying crazy colours, guess brown wasn’t the smartest choice, but at list I made my partner change the original red colour that he wanted.
And yes, the thing isn't so much distinct, the distinct proposals were eliminated on the beginning... don’t ask…
Lettering: belongs to my partner, don’t like much of it too, would small case all the letters and probably get another type

Envelope: I made it rushy, didn’t pay attention to it, it was just made for being there, I know it haves to much unnecessary shit :D lol

business card: well this one you have to complain to my partner, he was the one who wanted all those things, in part he is right, ppl are stupid and don’t know what we do, so that is a list of our products.

Letterhead: logo too small??? I wanted it more small :D haha, and I guess being the info on the down place gives some sort o balance to the object.

Resuming, this was a fast and stupid work, lots of mistakes, it's what appends when we rush things, in the end I just wanted help my partner that was having a blank, this helped him freeing his mind from those ideas he wasn’t liking and couldn’t let go.
But I probably will change the stuff in here, there’s lots of things that really aren’t working well.

Hey, really, truly thanks for all the critics, and next time be harsh as you please, don’t mind at all :D thanks a lot ;)
avaizhashmi Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
7grims Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
thank you for commenting ;)
Grynz Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006
Gostei do design, mas a logomaraca estŠ meio estranha na min ha opni„o.
7grims Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Professional Interface Designer

pois tens razao, realmente este n era o melhor logosimbolo para a coisa. n ť o k comunica melhor, por isso eu e o meu colega ja alteramos a coisa.
ElenaSham Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
well.. i like it. But as long as it's for design company, it should follow the rules of design. And the first mistake that i notices, is that the writing under the name of the company is wider than the name of the company, wich is not right in that case. So i can suggest you to fix that - and it's gona look much better.
Second - dont use gradient on the logo. It's good enough to look fine even without gradient. It'll make it look solid
Then space from the edges of businesscard should be bigger.
Well.. i got some more suggestions, but they are small, but keep up good work! )
7grims Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
:D yeaaa, first of all thank you for the severe critic. I like it this way, fast, clear and direct.

About the writing under the name of the company, I don’t have my degree yet but, I worked about one year and half on a design company, and that was never a problem, and much more I find it hard to follow such a strict rule as that one, gosh it’s like the rules and laws that I had when projecting architecture... and that’s bad, such harsh things restricting our imagination and freeness of composition.

About the gradient, I’m a very colour solid and verctorial kind of designer, were I used to work, we couldn’t use gradients (because of the price), but in this logo I found a way to go around my problems. Still you are right, because in the end this isn’t the best logo for the company.

About the space from the edges of the business card, totally right, I should give it more space.

If you like, please continue the critic, I like you already, love ppl that we can really speak freely about design ;)
ElenaSham Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
aw thank you ))
well.. about the rules. Can i suggest you one book that will change your way of looking at design as a "set imagination free" thing?

There's great saying in this book: Break the rules of design only in case, if you know how to use those breaks. So the same applyes to this design (and writing) Just try it - and u will see that it gives a better look to the logo.

Well, i got 2 years of expirience, and it's not that much, but still im conserned that books (any books, even tutorials) are the best source of information. And other people's work - the best source of inspiration. Btw, i hate to read, but this book itself it's not really about reading. It's more about pictures that speak for themselfs. So the book is Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. You can find it at Ebay, or etc...

After reading this book i've changed my way of doing loooads of things.

And all my knowledge of design is from reading, spotting some stuff etc. Again there's a thread about it in this book.
7grims Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Awesome, I researched about the book, and find out an index series collection.
Now I can wait to get them, I’m really exited with the idea of reading them.

I already had some good design books, but never one with rules, I wonder what they invented. Looks like extreme. But I’m keeping my self open minded, after all I realized that they are rules in design, but I’ve learn them naturally, not by reading books or having a list of rules in my front.

:D this is way I love to meet ppl of my area. Thank you ;)
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